Free hosting is an option that like a lot for obvious reasons, especially when it comes to hosting for WordPress, which is somewhat surprising to a certain limit. If you compare searches for “free hosting” versus “cheap hosting” or “professional hosting”, for example, the difference is simply brutal. Therefore, free hosting is an option of very low quality and usually unviable as web hosting option for a website that has an intention to be serious.

Moreover, sometimes many people are not aware that providers do not intend that, generally what they want is to be a selling point for the customer ends hiring the payment option.

However, this does not mean there are no other uses where free website hosting really makes much sense or even can become the best option.

So in this post we will try to focus about pros and cons of free hosting in order to know how things are and, second, to have criteria for assessing if in your case it compensates really save the minimum cost of one professional option.

Is it true to get Free Hosting?

An obvious question that you may have done is how you can get offers of free websites hosting where the supplier has to assume the costs of their infrastructures. The answer is simple: because there are business models that earn money with this.

The models are very varied in some cases, they are a way to attract users to capture them and then persuade users to contract a payment service, in other cases there is an advertising model in which the provider embeds advertisements on the user websites, or engage the user with free website hosting to sell associated services (domains, technical support, etc.).

It is for this reason that web hosting for free is just one more activity with a business model behind, but given its free nature, it plays with tight margins and has to control therefore well costs. And that happens to squeeze their resources to the maximum, exploiting them with largest number of users possible.

The strategy is often to attract users through advertisements that talk about a number of surprising features for a free hosting such as disk space and unlimited bandwidth. For example, an inexperienced user in these issues thinks that finds a good bargain: a free service with the benefits of a professional one.

However, these suppliers usually put in small print things like, for example, in user’s website advertisements will be displayed which will be earned by the provider and not by the user or there is no backup.  Another one is there is no support or inability to use your own domain, except with payment options.

For example in Nixiweb, they clearly recognize these conditions, but even so, the information posted on the cover of their web is not sufficiently specified. In any case, Nixiweb is one of the top rated free services and the few that allow you to use your own domain (most hosting obliged to use a subdomain).

Therefore, Free Hosting can be a great solution, but if you really want to start a small project more seriously, so you should hiring a payment plan with offer you better services that do not have so many restriction. 

Nevertheless, we will recommend two free webs hosting in order you choose the best for you and your website. They are:

 000WebHost offers 1500 MB of disk space, a 100 GB monthly transfer, 5 subdomains, 5 email accounts, MySQL database, PHP and IMAP.

 XtreemHost provides 5500 Mb disk space, 200 GB monthly transfer, 4MB size limit per file, 50 MySQL databases, 50 subdomains, creator of websites with over 600 predefined templates.

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