If you are looking for Free WordPress Hosting Providers, you have to see this list that we bring today. Unlike sites like WordPress.com which offer blog already installed but with some limitations, a hosting service allows us to have full control of WordPress, allowing us to install and modify everything to our liking.

Also, a hosting service gives us the ability to install many plugins to manage our CMS and also we’ll be able to include our own advertising.

As is evident, these sites offer support for PHP and MySQL, need to run this CMS. But the sites on the list offer something more: automatic installation of WordPress, FTP access, they do not include advertising, and you can use your own domain.

Discovering 4 Free WordPress Hosting Providers with best services

In this part, we’ are going to present a list of 4 Free WordPress Hosting Providers with some of the features and services offered by them.

Zymic: it is a site that offers free hosting without advertising so you can build your web site for free. The features offered are very good such as: Disk Space 2 GB, 35GB monthly transfer, FTP access, Up to 5 MySQL databases, PHP version 5.1.6, PHPMyAdmin version 2.8.2, Possibility to use our own domain and Free TLD Domain.

As you have seen, the features it offers are too good to be free, and the good thing is that we can receive a free TLD domain, but for this we need to have a month of registration and a certain level of quality in our content.

Xtreemhost: the second position is for this free web hosting which has the best features and allow you to start your WordPress website. This free hosting does not have advertising even to free accounts, and features of the plan are very interesting. They are: 5GB of disk space, 200 GB monthly transfer, Up to 50 domains, we can use your own domain or subdomain, MySQL and PHP (especially for WordPress) and scripts installers.

FreeHostia: It is a web hosting company which provides free hosting like blogger and one subdomain. Therefore, WordPress gives you the best technology to install your blog on your own hosting and your own domain.

This free web hosting has many advantages such as: no advertising inserted on page client, Control Panel, Hosting Packages, Registration service among others. On the other hand, one disadvantage is the activation email can take up to 30 minutes to reach the inbox.

Some services offered by FreeHostia are: 250 Mb of disk space, 6 GB of monthly transfer, PHP, 1 MySQL database with 10 MB of space and Installer Scripts.

Byet: it is a site to host files and much more extensive information since its service it includes PHP, MySQL, FTP, or rather is equipped with all the features of a hosting though, of course, with the limitations of any free service.

Creating an account is very simple, once we entered, we only have to complete data: user, password, email and little more than that. Immediately we receive an email to activate and configuration data.

We can enjoy some service like:  5000 MB of available space, D 200GB bandwidth, Apache version 2.2.12, PHP version 5.2.10, MySQL version 5.0.84 to 50 databases or 50MB, Email addresses Unlimited, FTP account, host up to 50 domains and 50 subdomains, wizards to install forums, wikis, blogs and create websites, control Panel.

Free Hosting market is very broad, so finding the best provider can be some difficult, but however  there are many free hosting companies that offer good services for your website, so  you will have to choose the best for you.



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