You must be clear that a free web hosting is not a recommended option for an actual website as a personal blog that has prospects and want to generate some traffic and get people to follow it. Certainly is an absolutely unsuitable choice for a professional site, even providers suggested that you don’t use it for that.

But that does not mean it is a service that does not make sense, there are a number of interesting uses for a free hosting, among which highlight below.

5 Amazing uses to take advantage of free web hosting

  • Know and learn to work with a server hosting: This way of using a free web hosting is the most obvious. If you have in mind, for example, migrate your blog from a site hosted by a third party as com or Blogger to professional option of a blog with own hosting, then you can be interesting to experience first a bit with a free hosting to take away the fear.

However, there is a significant danger: a bad hosting, because of their limitations, you can give you many problems and generate a false image (negatively). So, if you want to migrate clear that frankly would not waste time with this intermediate step. This would an option if you just want to look over around a bit.


  • Test environment: When you have any kind of web, you should also create a second website for testing in which you can try changes or small developments without affecting the main site. Especially in the case of things that are not trivial and immediate to implement.


  • free hosting may be sufficient for small environments: Thanks to the spectacular development that has taken place in the world of open source over the last years, fortunately, we can count today with many applications of very good quality that are completely free and typically use the technological combination of PHP + MySQL which is supported any hosting. WordPress blogs are one of the best known examples.


But apart from blogging, there are many more useful applications can be as wikis or forums, for example. In certain environments, with few users and little traffic it can make sense to use these applications.

Also, if you keep backup copies of your site as it should, there are no big problems in moving the application of a hosting to another if necessary.


  • It can be a superior alternative to certain free services: installing an application on a free hosting can be a better alternative similar service free. For example, in the case of the forums in Spanish, it is well known the Forumotion platform which is a site where you can create a free forum, a similar idea as for blogs.

The limitation or the big disadvantage against Forumotion is that free hosting adjusts the resources that support just traffic.


  • Linkbuilding: Sometimes free hosting is also used for linkbuilding, although this option with a free hosting is quite limited since only serve something with your own domain. Moreover, the site unable to grow in traffic by the limitations of the free hosting, does not have many chances to win a lot of own authority.

This makes the links of this type of site will have a relative value, which will also have to value if this strategy really makes sense. This depends on the quality and the option selected (if it minimal traffic, speed and stability).

So, it is not bad to use a free hosting, but you have to analyze what they offer or if they are suitable for your webpage.  

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