Free Website Hosting offers many advantages for beginners who want to start their website or blog and the best is that they provide services for free. Therefore, we have made a list of the best free hosting services, where you can host your domains and scripts without any extra cost and with payment services.

List of Free Website Hosting for Beginners with no Ads

Many free hosting services need to put advertising to finance your website, although we have avoided such services and only talk about web hosting that without advertising.

 Freewebs: it is an excellent online tool for creating web pages. Its operation is very simple and its appearance is similar to other editors WYSIWYG we can find for desktop and allow anyone without HTML knowledge, create your own website.

Besides the basic characteristic that have this type of program, free webs integrate well the different types of social networks, allowing include in the pages, blogs, YouTube videos, images Photobucket, forums, guestbooks, systems voting, chat rooms, games, maps Google maps and other functions.

Freewebs offers these features for free but also has Pro payment services to do other things like buying domains, use professional templates for page layout, create a platform for electronic payment, etc.

AwardSpace: it is a Free Website Hosting which includes payment plans as well. Its services go from hosting reseller or purchase of a pack VPS Hosting. So, with the Easy Starter hosting plan, you can purchase hosting totally free, which means that you not charge anything for hosting your website or blog, and technical specifications that are a little difficult to find today on any server free hosting.

Thanks to AwardSpace you can start with a small project, like a blog with WordPress, or any forum or website in general, although we can say that this hosting is not going to help for projects with high yields, as the technical features may become obsolete by the consumption that has your blog in the future, so if you want you can use it to test and then contract the payment plan to improve the server.

110mb: it is a site where you can create a website with its own totally free hosting in a few minutes with incredible ease. This site offers a free hosting editor to customize your webpage, also your site will be in a subdomain.

 Some services offered by 110mb are: 110 MB of space (as your name), 100 GB bandwidth, free editor, subdomain and Help Forum.


000webhost: It offers 1500 megabytes of space and 100 Gigabytes of transfer per month, for up to 5 domains. It controls everything with Cpanel and if you see that you have left something short, you can amplify your account to pay for less than $ 4 and will not have any restrictions.

Xtreemhost: another of the best websites to host your free domains is Xtreemhost. You get 2500 Mb and 100 gigabytes of transfer per month. You can only host one domain per account, but no one forbids you to open as many accounts as emails have. For less than $ 2 per month you have all your services without limitations. Unlike most of its competition they not use Cpanel but offer the Panel view that is not inferior to the previous nothing.

On the other hand, some Free hosting that we recommend you to start your website are:, Portland, FSPHost, ZendURL, United Net, ProperComfy, and FreeWebTown. All of them offer good services and excellent tools for free but if you want to improve their services, you can choose payment plans that provide better features for users.

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