In this day and age, it is tremendously easy for anyone to start their own blog. In fact, people looking to do so can get up and be running in just under ten minutes, and they wouldn’t even need to spend a single cent. Thanks to Free hosting websites and blogging platforms such as BlogSpot, Typepad, Geocities, and so on, getting your blog up and running will only cost you in terms of time invested. But just because you have found a creatively designed free hosting website doesn’t mean that all is well as far as your blog running days are concerned. Even though there are many good reasons why these free hosting platforms are a good way to try out your training wheels, there are just as many reasons why using one isn’t the best idea if you intend to be a serious blogger. Here are some great reasons why you should avoid Free domains web hosting sites.

There are no real guarantees with free Webhosting

In our economy, anybody who charges the public for something is mandated by law to provide the service or product for which the public has paid. That is why you can return products and lodge formal complaints if you are not satisfied. You know that the company will deliver. With free things, however, there really isn’t any guarantee that the provider will continue to deliver what is promised. This is mostly because you are relying on their good will and continued belief that they will perpetually see the value in what they are doing. This in itself makes free Webhosting very unreliable. You could wake up one day and find out that you no longer have a domain name or space.

You have limited to no customization rights

We all try to create the desired image of ourselves and our brand online. This often calls for unique ideas and extreme creativity. With free web hosting, you hardly ever have any creative freedom and whenever you find that you do, what little leeway you have will be limited. You cannot customize your site the way you would like it to be customized. This in itself is very discouraging and limiting.

You do not have customer support

Anything can happen to your website once it goes live. It could crash, you could damage your database, your site could get hacked, and the links within may be broken. All this are examples of issues that an ever available customer support team will help you fix, but not with free hosting sites. Most of these providers only provide very limited support, if any. Many actually do not. So you are on your own.

You will lose all credibility with your audience

Audiences want to rely on sources that have an identity. They believe that if you have a brand name, then you are actually serious about what you do and as such, they can trust you to deliver. As soon as they see that you are using a free website, they immediately assume that you're only doing this as a hobby and just as instantly get apprehensive about placing any orders or trusting your content.

As much as you may save a bit of money by going the free hosting website, the long-term effects suggest that this is not the most prudent of courses to take. Web hosting is not as expensive as you may think. There are services that charge as little as $3 a month. It’s a small price to pay for the benefits that come with it.


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